About Rick Kosick

Growing up in Southern California, Rick Kosick had two interests in life: skateboarding and photography. Wisely he managed to meld these pursuits into a workable profession as a skateboard photographer. Without any formal schooling to his name, Rick learned all the tricks of the trade through hands-on experience while freelancing for Poweredge and Slap skateboard magazines. In 1992, Rick was approached by Big Brother magazine to become its head photographer and eventual photo editor.

Throughout his tenure at Big Brother (a homegrown magazine that was eventually bought out by Larry Flynt Publications in 1997), Rick was faced with any number of created challenges, from action shots to portraiture photography, to working with immature children and temperamental co-workers. All of which he tackled with his usual aplomb to provide Big Brother with a distinctive look.

Others outside the skateboard world began to take note of Rick's skills and he was soon contracted to shoot the cover of the Deftones gold-status album, "Around the Fur". In addition to his photography work, Rick branched out into the filming realm and assisted in the creation of the infamous Big Brother video series. His involvement with these cult-classic skateboard videos led to a job as a primary cameraman on MTV's Jackass, where he performed admirably both behind and in front of the camera, a talent which allowed his bare butt to grace big screens around the globe in Jackass the Movie(2002).

Currently, Rick is a freelance photographer and a cameraman with his most recent involvement being on the MTV series, Wildboyz.